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The Lessons of 9-11 — What Have We Learned?

The Lessons of 9-11 — What Have We Learned?

Everyone is talking about the 9-11 terrorist attack today.  I am sure we can all give our recollections of where we were, what we were doing, how we felt. I know I can.  I am certain there were no more than a handful of events in the history of the United States which made us feel the way that attack made us feel. Yet here we are, some 11 years later, and what have we learned from it?

Have we learned that we must protect our selves both inside of our borders as well as  outside?

Have we learned that we can’t trust everyone, no matter how much we want to do so?

Have we learned that being cautious is not the same as being racist or bigoted?

Have we learned that self-sufficiency is a necessity in this era of our country?

Have we learned that everyone who calls themselves our friends, aren’t really our friends?

Have we learned that getting involved in other nation’s problems creates problems of our own?

Have we learned that standing up for nothing is the same as standing for everything?

Have we learned that moral convictions are not the same as moral actions?

Have we learned that lives lost in peril are the same as lives lost in battle?

Have we learned that trying to become friends with our enemies doesn’t make them less of an enemy?

Have we learned that foolish ideas of the minority can lead us into troubled waters when the majority does nothing?

Have we learned that home-grown terrorists are just as much of a threat as those overseas?

Have we learned we all need to protect our individual families in whatever way we can?

Have we learned that the actions of 9-11 can be repeated in the blink of an eye?

Have we learned that taking our shoes off at the airport doesn’t really protect us?

Have we learned who will really stand up for the United States is ONLY the United States?

While we may have vivid memories of the attack of 9-11, unless we learn  from it, it wasn’t really a lesson…it was a tragic event.

Wake up America! It’s time we managed our own country with as much common sense as we manage our homes before it is too late to learn from the past.


Preparing for My Retirement

Preparing for My Retirement

Ha! Fooled you by the title, didn’t I?  I shall never retire!  I laughingly say that I shall die writing or trying to tell one more story.  I have a sign in my office that says “I shall write until not a single word remains in my soul….”  And so it is.

After attending a networking meeting today, I talked about the importance of telling your story through social media.  Specifically through Press Releases.  They are the secret weapon of small businesses everywhere. They are the one thing that keeps your name literally “at the fingertips” of your future customers.  Once you have posted a few press releases, ( I recommend one every 45-60 days), your name appears by whatever topics you introduce on your press release.  The marvelous thing about them is that they stay on the internet  FOREVER!  I can trace back to press releases I wrote in 2002!  Imagine an ad you place in a magazine, let’s say six months ago, being found today…..unless it was archived in your mother’s cedar chest, the chances of a new or prospective client finding it is probably zero.

But a press release, well, that is a different story. Press releases are permanent. They hang around, reemphasizing your importance, over and over and over again,  They announce your grand opening; they reintroduce your new sales manager; they tell about that new product line; they shout from the news waves that fact that you had a great year because you took a course in leather-crafting!  A press release is a news story, written with integrity, importance and news-worthiness.  There is a skill in developing a great press release.

And I can help you craft the perfect one for your business.  Contact me. And follow me on Facebook:  Write Words Media.  Read my blog at Patswitandwisdom.  I am around, I am available,

I am a writer with a soul full of words!


No, not me! But I can see myself in her hands!

This Is A Test

Patricia Stirnkorb

Patricia Stirnkorb

Okay, so this is a test! Starting today, July 31, 2013, I want to see how many people I can get to visit my blog site, like me on Facebook and go to my web site.  I am teaching a class in 30 days on building your social media and I want to be able to have Proof-Positive that all this works!

In the meantime, I will be using this blog site to share ideas on writing, blogging, social media and all kinds of fun stuff that will entice even the novice writer to come back over and over again!  So follow me now on Write For Life!

Thanks!  (And remember-you are part of a very scientific, non-scientific test!)